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Motion Tracking

Motion Tracking

High-precision gyroscope

High-Speed Connection

High-Speed Connection

Low-latency Bluetooth

Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable Battery

14 hours of gameplay

Tactile Gameplay

Tactile Gameplay

Built-in haptics

Stand up and shoot, or sit down and relax

How To Play



Works with the top FPS games on your PC/Mac

Aim and blast your way through your favorite games right in front of your monitor. The Arkade Blaster brings high-accuracy motion tracking to the most popular shooters.

System requirements

Windows computer with Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is not integrated on the PC, use a Bluetooth dongle (not included)

No Smartphone required

Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming

Works with 30+ Titles (Android Only)

Snap in your smartphone and turn your mobile game into an immersive arcade shooter. Duck, spin and jump your way to victory.

System requirements

Android smartphone

360° Gaming

360° Gaming

Play PC Games on your Smartphone

Using the Arkade App, sync your PC or Mac and mobile phone to create the ultimate immersive gaming experience. Stream your favorite PC titles to your phone, and play them while spinning around in 360°.

System requirements

Windows PC, Android or iPhone

Arkade Desktop App launched on PC

Wi-Fi Router using 5G mode

Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming

Works with GeForce Now and Steam Link

Access your Steam library right from your smartphone, using popular platforms like GeForce Now or Steam Link. It doesn’t matter where you are, it matters how you play.

System requirements

Android smartphone

GeForce Now account

Compatible Games

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It’s like guitar hero, except you kill people…


Arkade Motion Blaster

Works with your favorite mobile and PC FPS titles. Gives you full 360-degree immersion. Spin, jump & duck your way to victory.

Includes phone holder for Android, Cloud and 360° Gaming.

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Battle Pack

The Battle Pack contains: 2 triggers, 4 buttons, ergonomic clips and a storage case.
Check out The Pack
Battle Pack

Arkade Apps

Android App

Use the Arkade App to map buttons, edit profiles and settings on the Arkade Blaster.

Download Android App

iOS App

The alternative for iOS users. Map buttons, edit profiles and settings on the Arkade Blaster.

Download iOS App

PC link

Use the PC Desktop App to synchronize your PC and mobile device for 360° gameplay.

Download PC App

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