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PewDiePie Battle Pack

The Battle Pack contains: 2 Triggers, 4 Buttons, Ergonomic Clips and a Storage Case.

PewDiePie Battle Pack

What's so cool about it?

Gaming hub in your hands

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Turn your smartphone into the ultimate gamepad with these snap-on analog accessories.

Get More Wins!


Triggers give you twice the number of inputs. Now you can use your thumbs AND fingers!

Battle Package

Aim accuracy

The pack contains two triggers, an ergonomic phone clip, four buttons and comes in a storage case.

Accuracy and comfort


Tactile buttons and ergonomic phone clip give you increased accuracy and hours of comfortable gameplay.

Custom Travel Case


Sitting for long periods is terrible for your body, and the blaster gets you off the couch in a fun way. Website

Kirk Garner, Fitness Blogger

I like that it gives you a new experience that makes games easier and more realistic. Website

Shubham Panth, Game Developer

Doesn’t matter your age or skill level this motion blaster is fun for the whole family! YouTube

Action RPG, YouTuber

The future of Mobile gaming Is here!!! Before playing another mobile game, try out this amazing advanced Arkade Blaster to make mobile gaming 100 times better! YouTube

RoastSmith, YouTuber

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