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19 answers about the Blaster

Are there default firewall settings I need to change?

Yes! For your blaster to communicate with your PC properly, and especially if you use Arkade Link, you will NEED to check your default Windows firewall settings and add an exception for Arkade Link.

First, check your firewall settings on your PC. Hit Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Press “Open Windows Security.”

Next, Select Firewall and Network Protection > “Allow an App Through Firewall”.

(NOTE: If this option is greyed out, you might be using a firewall other than the default Windows firewall, through your anti-virus software or otherwise. Please consult the documentation for your firewall software to find out how to allow an app through.)

In the list, find “arkade-link” and select “Private” and “Public” checkboxes.

Will the Arkade blaster work with any smartphone?

Our blaster will work with any Android and iOS smartphone. iOS support for mobile games is being developed now, and both Android and iOS will work with PC games.

What kind of batteries are used for the Arkade® blasters?

The Arkade® Blaster includes a Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery which will give you years of dependable use.

How many hours of game play can I get on a full charge?

A minimum of 14 hours on a full charge.

Where is my package/tracking number?

We apologize for any delays! We try to get tracking information out to our customers as soon as possible. For details about your package's specific situation, please write to us at support@arkade.games

How many games are now integrated with the Arkade® blaster?

We currently have about 40 mobile games integrated, with more being added every week. Hundreds of your favorite PC games will work as well. Arkade is constantly working to increase the number of compatible games. If you have a game you’d love to see added to the Arkade Blaster, reach out to us and the game developer.

How do I pair my phone with the blaster?

It works over Bluetooth. Turn on the blaster and Bluetooth on your phone, pair with “Arkade® Blaster”.

Do all the buttons on the blaster work the same way for each game?

Using the Arkade App, you can configure the Blaster’s buttons to your comfort. Each of our games includes a recommended profile with a custom button map. We highly recommend you download the app to better configure your blaster and discover additional content. Download the Arkade App on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

Do you have replacement parts if I drop and break my blaster?

We do not have replacement parts, however please send an email to support@arkade.games and let us know what happened, we'll see if we can help.

How do I contact Arkade about technical questions?

If you cannot find answers to questions on our website, send an email to support@arkade.games and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I bring the Arkade® Blaster on an airplane since it has a Lithium battery?

Please check with your local airlines as rules may vary in different countries. In most countries, you can bring the blaster as carry-on but not as checked luggage.

Why does a mouse cursor sometimes appear when connecting the blaster to an Android phone?

When you connect your blaster while it's in ‘PC mode’ to the Arkade mobile app running on an Android device, you may see a mouse cursor appear on the mobile screen.

To disable the mouse cursor, go to the Bluetooth settings on your phone, select Blaster from the list of paired devices, open its settings and turn off ‘Input Device’ option.

Why does searching for a PC take a long time?

The time needed to discover and connect to a PC depends on your network signal quality and your WiFi router capabilities, and might take up to 30 seconds.

With Arkade Link: Make sure it is running on your PC - the Arkade logo will appear in your system tray (bottom right of your Windows screen), there will not be a window that opens. Also make sure that your PC and mobile phone are connected to the same router/internet connection. If it still doesn't work, check that you have the latest version of the Arkade app.

SEE ALSO: "I don't see my computer" under "Apps" below

Why does reconnecting the blaster between different mobile phones take so long?

If you have unpaired your blaster from a mobile phone, and are trying to pair the blaster to another mobile phone, and the app doesn’t see the blaster, do the following:
- Double-check that your blaster is unpaired from the first mobile phone
- Check that your blaster didn’t automatically connect to another device it was previously paired with, such as a smart TV or another phone nearby. If the blaster is not connected to any device, logo LED on the right side will be lit up red.
- If the logo is red, and the Arkade app can’t find the blaster: Relaunch the app and restart the blaster (power off, then power on) and try again.

Is there a way to force-unpair a blaster from a mobile device?

If there is a need to force-unpair your blaster from a mobile device (for example, if other troubleshooting steps for connecting your blaster haven't worked), press and hold the combination X+Y+Z+Power Button on the blaster for 2-3 seconds. The blaster will be unpaired from any previously paired devices.

The blaster isn't calibrating, it keeps saying "Calibration failed"

Place your blaster upright, as it would be when you are aiming at something directly in front of you, on a table so it doesn't move. If the blaster is not completely upright, or if it moves even a tiny bit during calibration, you will get the "calibration failed" message.

Why won't the blaster work with a game that is listed on the games list?

Make sure your Arkade app and your games have been updated to the latest version. Try rebooting your phone and the blaster, and if that doesn't work, uninstall and reinstall the game. If that still doesn't work, please let us know by writing to us at support@arkade.games

Some of the buttons on my blaster are not functioning properly (after changing the button mapping)

Turn off power saving mode on your devices as it effects button functionality.

How do I connect the blaster to my PC?

The blaster can connect to Windows and Mac PCs directly via BlueTooth. Make sure your BlueTooth is set up properly, with the latest drivers installed, and is active and working on your PC. Turn your blaster on, and ensure that it is not paired to your phone (or any other device) already. The blaster should show up when you search for new BlueTooth devices to add in your PC BlueTooth settings. If it does not appear, double-check your BlueTooth settings and your drivers. See our Guides page for instructions with images: https://arkade.games/guides/


What kind of games work with my Blaster?

The Arkade Blaster works with a large variety of first-person shooters on Android and PC. There are currently no games for iPhone that support the Blaster.

If I have a compatible game on my phone already, do I need to download a special version?

No, although updating to the newest version of your game is a good idea!

I have an iPhone, why don't I see any games listed under Mobile?

The Arkade Blaster works with your phone the same way as certain gamepads do, and as of right now, there are no iPhone shooter games that support that type of gamepad. As a result, there are currently no games for iPhone that support the Blaster.


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