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Arkade Motion Blaster

Works with your favorite FPS games on PC and mobile. Gives you full 360-degree immersion and total control. Spin, aim and shoot your way to victory.

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Game Modes

Stand up and shoot, or sit down and relax


Works with the top FPS games on your PC

Aim and blast your way through your favorite games right in front of your monitor.  The Arkade Blaster brings high accuracy motion tracking to the most popular shooters.

System requirement

Windows or Mac computer with Bluetooth capability (Bluetooth Dongle)

No Smarthphone required

Mobile Gaming

Works with 30+ Titles-- Android Only

Snap in your smartphone and turn your mobile game into an immersive arcade shooter.  Duck, spin and jump your way to victory.

System requirement

Android smartphone

360° Gaming

Play PC Games on your Smartphone

Using the Arkade App sync your PC and smartphone to create the ultimate immersive gaming experience. Stream your favorite PC titles to your phone, and play them while spinning around in 360°.

System requirement

Android smartphone

Arkade Desktop App launched on PC

Wi-Fi Router using 5G mode

Cloud Gaming

Works with GeForce Now and Steam Link

Access your Steam library right from your smartphone, using popular platforms like GeForce NOW or Steam Link.  It doesn’t matter where you are, it matters how you play.

System requirement

Android Phone

GeForce Now Account

What's so cool about it?

Top Games

Ever-growing library of best FPS titles. Scroll down to see the full list.


Android, iOS and PC Games
The Arkade App, Steam Link, GeForce NOW, BlueStacks.

Aim accuracy

High Precision Gyroscope Lethal Aiming technology, increasing your aiming skills.


Favorite titles in CTF, TDM, FFA, Battle Royale and other modes.

Desktop compatible

Works with hundreds of first person shooters on the PC and 40+ Android Games.

Button map

Users can re-assign buttons and each game comes with a custom button profile.

How to Get Started?


How to Get Started?


Compatible Games

see all games

Its like guitar hero, except you kill people…



Sitting for long periods is terrible for your body, and the blaster gets you off the couch in a fun way. Website

Kirk Garner, Fitness Blogger

I like that it gives you a new experience that makes games easier and more realistic. Website

Shubham Panth, Game Developer

Doesn’t matter your age or skill level this motion blaster is fun for the whole family! YouTube

Action RPG, YouTuber

The future of Mobile gaming Is here!!! Before playing another mobile game, try out this amazing advanced Arkade Blaster to make mobile gaming 100 times better! YouTube

RoastSmith, YouTuber

It looks very fancy, feels slick, and makes you want to frag.

Ravenshold, Gamer

Arkade Blaster Instruction Video

Live from the battlefield, we walk you through the basic use of the Arkade Blaster.


Valorant – Arkade Blaster Boosts your Gameplay

We got a chance at Arkade to try Valorant with our Arkade Blaster.


Arkade – Indiegogo Video (Featuring PewDiePie)


Arkade Blaster – Extended Motion Graphics

A whole new way to play the top first person shooter titles for PC and Mobile games!


Resident Evil 3 – The Arkade Blaster

We were able to play a few rounds of Call of Duty Mobile using the Arkade Blaster.


Call of Duty Mobile – Arkade works the top FPS games on PC and Mobile!

We were able to play a few rounds of Call of Duty Mobile using the Arkade Blaster.


Doom Eternal – Arkade Blaster Smashes Through the Demon Horde!

Become the Slayer with the Motion Blaster by Arkade


A Whole New Way to Play Left 4 Dead 2 – Arkade Blaster works with L4D2

The Arkade Blaster works with hundreds of PC and Mobile games, adding a new dimension…


A Whole New Way to Play Doom Eternal! – Arkade Blaster with Doom

The team at Arkade grew up on Doom, and it was a major inspiration for us in developing…


Arkade Blaster – A whole new way to play FPS games

Play the top PC and Mobile FPS games using our motion tracking blaster for a whole new…

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Arkade products will ship FREE in the United States.  For product shipping globally, fees may apply.

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